WinPIM v16.21.5262 Crack + Keygen Latest 2023

By | March 13, 2023

WinPIM v16.21.5262 + Crack Full Version Free Download

Managing your schedule is not that easy, especially when you have a busy work schedule. Sometimes you forget a meeting or the fact that you had to call someone. An electronic planner can come in handy as it helps you organize your time efficiently. With WinPIM you can create a contact list with detailed information about everyone you need. You can easily add their name, company, and phone number.



Key features of “WinPIM Crack”

Storage of contact information, organization & Track them down, create a relationship map.

  • Manage time, and assign tasks.
  • Create a diary in HTML format, notes.
  • Audio recording support. – Check your cell phone to send text messages.
  • Password protection of your data.
  • Share data over the network, not only on the LAN but also on the Internet.
  • Multi-User Database. Can set access for different users, and multiple users can access data at the same time.
  • Works with many programs you already own. – Communicated with friends via email.
  • Sync to phones, tablets, or the cloud, and works with other programs.
  • Share data over a network, and access data anywhere and anytime. –

WinPIM Crack Contacts:

  1. Storage of more than 60 fields and 20 configurable fields.
  2. Create a tree group to manage contacts and you can associate contacts.
  3. Speed ​​dial numbers, send e-mails, fax, and visit websites.
  4. Remember birthdays and anniversaries. – Supports multiple print formats, envelopes, and direct mail.
  5. Track all contact activity, support Caller ID – Support relationship management and can create relationship card
  6. Calendar & Tasks: – Calendar has 7 views: today, day, week, month, timeline
  7. The task supports sub-tasks for a small project manager. – Support for multi-day events and tasks and the ability to set recurrences.
  8. Design the meeting and task, and add color and icon on the front. – Show filters, show appointments, and tasks in the same view.
  9. The remainder of events and activities. – Associates contacts with trance contact activities.
  10. Slides & Release to quickly create an appointment or task.
  11. The memo contains the zip code, city information, etc. for a quick search.
  12. Support for an audio recording of voice notes.

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